Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier

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Healthcare New Frontier

Population ageing and the low-birthrate is affecting health care around Japan and requiring responses from policy makers at all levels. While the federal government sets national policies, local governments are instrumental in addressing health care needs of local populations.
Kanagawa Prefecture, located just west of Tokyo, has one of the fastest ageing populations in Japan and the Prefecture is responding by testing various systems that will be required in the fields of health and long-term health care. From this, Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier policies have emerged. Through these policies, Kanagawa Prefecture has taken the lead by crafting a unique local health care policy that combines health policy and regional strategies to accelerate action on health issues while supporting people to take a more proactive approach to health. Through these strategies, the goal is to create an environment in which all can enjoy health and healthy longevity while revitalizing the region.

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The Healthcare New Frontier policies are supported by the leadership of the Governor Yuji Kuroiwa, who has put medical and health care high on the prefecture’s agenda. In addition, the Governor’s role as Cabinet Advisor on Healthcare Strategy has placed these policies in the national spotlight. The Healthcare New Frontier policy package was designed and continues to be led by the Governor, who is passionate about healthy living and communicating his policies to his constituents.

Other special characteristics of Kanagawa Prefecture include a health industry strategy, on-going international cooperation efforts, and natural, human, and industrial resources. Kanagawa Prefecture has a wide variety of landscapes, including industrial areas, luscious natural beauty, historical sites, and the large metropolitan city of Yokohama. This makes implementing prefectural policy complex, yet enables the prefecture to try a variety of measures in numerous settings.

Healthcare New Frontier's Two Approaches

The Healthcare New Frontier policy strives to create a society where, amidst rapid population ageing, all can enjoy healthy longevity. This policy can be broken down into two overlapping approaches. The first approach is referred to as “curing ME-BYO” and the second approach focuses on advanced health care and health technologies. Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier health policy Continue reading…

Infrastructure Behind Healthcare New Frontier

Kanagawa Prefecture states that it “is working toward individualized, patient-centered health care that fosters a society of health, security, and happiness.” The prefecture believes that system administration is critical to achieving this goal. Therefore, they aim to establish a health care ICT system that allows citizens, medical institutions, and essential organizations to efficiently utilize health and medical Continue reading…

ME-BYO Summit Kanagawa 2015 in Hakone

October has been designated ME-BYO Month with activities related to ME-BYO being held around the prefecture throughout September, October and November to increase awareness of ME-BYO. ME-BYO Summit 2015, held in October, was the largest of these events with an International Symposium from October 22-23, 2015 and an Exhibition from October 14-16, 2015.  Continue reading…

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