The following is a list of resources on health policy in Japan. While most resources are available in English only, some are available in both English and Japanese.

Main topicYear  Title Author/Editor PublisherLanguage
Overview2008The Art of Balance in Health Policy: Maintaining Japan’s Low-Cost, Egalitarian SystemCampbell, John Creighton; Ikegami, Naoki Cambridge University Press, 1998English
Overview1999Health care reform in Japan: the virtues of muddling throughIkegami, Naoki; Campbell, John Creighton Health Affairs, May 1999, Vol 18, No 356-75English
Overview2004Japan’s Health Care System: Containing Costs And Attempting ReformIkegami, Naoki; Campbell, John CreightonHealth Affairs, May 2004, Vol 23, No 326-36English
Overview2008The Challenge of Reforming Japan's Health SystemMcKinsey & CompanyMcKinsey & CompanyEnglish
Overview2009Health Care Abroad: JapanArnquist, SarahNY Times , 25 August 2009English
Overview2009Japan: Health system reviewTatara, Kozo; Okamoto, EtsujiHealth Systems in Review, 2009; Vol. 11 No. 5: 1-164English
Overview2010Health Systems Institutional Characteristics: A Survey of 29 OECD CountriesParis, Valérie; Devaux, Marion; Wei, LihanOECD Publishing, 28 April 2010, No 50, Pages 141 English
Overview201150 years of pursuing a healthy society in JapanReich, Michael R; Ikegami, Naoki; Shibuya, Kenji; Takemi, KeizoThe Lancet, 17 September 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9796, Pages 1051–1053English; available in Japanese
Overview2011Japan: universal health care at 50 yearsThe LancetThe Lancet, 17 September 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9796, Page 1049English; available in Japanese
Overview2011Japanese universal health coverage: evolution, achievements, and challengesIkegami, Naoki et al.The Lancet, 17 September 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9796, Pages 1106 - 1115 English; available in Japanese
Overview2011The value of the National Health and Nutrition Survey in JapanSasaki, SatoshiThe Lancet, 1 October 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9798, Pages 1205 - 1206 English; available in Japanese
Overview2011Re-invigorating Japan's commitment to global health: challenges and opportunitiesLlano, Rayden et al.The Lancet, 1 October 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9798, Pages 1255 - 1264 English; available in Japanese
Overview2012Characteristics of Japan’s Healthcare Systems and the ProblemsUetsuka, YoshioJMAJ, 2012, Vol55, No 4, 330–333English
Overview2012Science and consensus for health policy making in JapanMori, Rintaro; Takemi, Keizo; Fineberg, HarveyThe Lancet, 7 January 2012, Volume 379, Issue 9810, Pages 12 - 13 English; available in Japanese
Overview2012Health Service Delivery Profile JapanWHO; Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, JapanWHOEnglish
Overview2013International Profiles of Health Care SystemsThomson, Sarah; Osborn, Robin; Squires, David; Miraya, JunCommonwealth Fund, 14 November 2013English
Overview2013Health Care Lessons from JapanEsmail, NadeemFraser Institute, April 2013English
Overview2014Universal Health Coverage for Inclusive and Sustainable Development: Lessons from JapanIkegami, Naoki; edWorld Bank Group, 25 September 2014, Vol 1, No 1English; available in Japanese
Overview2014Health at a Glance: Asia/Pacific 2014OECD, WHOOECD Publishing, 2014English
Overview2015OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Japan 2015OECDOECD (2015), OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Japan 2015: Raising Standards, OECD Publishing, Paris.English; summary available in Japanese
Pharmaceuticals and medical devices1992Japan's Dark Side to Progress: The Struggle for Justice for Pharmaceutical Victims of Japan'sPost War Economic BoomSpilker, BertJAMA, 5 August 1992, Vol 268, No 5, 659-660English
Resources for health1992Geographic distribution of physicians in JapanKobayashi, Y; Takaki, HThe Lancet, 5 December 1992, Vol. 340 No. 8832 pp 1391-1393English
Ageing1994Health care expenditures for the elderly and reforms in the health care system in JapanKobayashi, YasukiHealth Policy, 29 September 1994, Volume 29, Issue 3, Pages 197–208, English
Ageing1997Public Long-term Care Insurance in JapanIkegami, NaokiJAMA, 22 October 1997, Vol 278, No 16, 1310-1314English
Women1999Oral Contraceptives and Women's Health inJapanGoto, Aya; Reich, Michael R; Aitken, IainJAMA, 8 December 1999, Vol 282, No 22, 2173-2177English
Ageing2000Long-term care insurance comes to JapanCampbell, John Creighton; Ikegami, NaokiHealth Affairs, May 2000, Vol19, No 326-39English
Women2000Causes of Maternal Mortality in JapanNagaya, Ken et al. JAMA, 24 May 2000, Vol 283, No 20, 2661-2667English
Women2000Where Should Women Deliver Babies in Japan?Ikegami, Naoki; Yoshimura, YasunoriJAMA, 24 May 2000, Vol 283, No 20, 2712-2714English
Legislation2001Medical Malpractice and Legal Resolution Systems in JapanNakajima, Kazue; Keyes, Catherine; Kuroyanagi, Tatsuo; Tatara, KozoJAMA, 28 March 2001, Vol 285, No 12, 1632-1640English
Financing2002Individual income, income distribution, and self rated health in Japan: cross sectional analysis of nationally representative sampleShibuya, Kenji; Hashimoto, Hideki; Yano, EijiBMJ, 5 January 2002, 324:16 English
Pharmaceuticals and medical devices2003Prices And Availability Of Pharmaceuticals: Evidence From Nine CountriesDanzon, Patricia M; Furukawa, Michael FHealth Affairs, October 2003English
Quality2003How can we improve the quality of health care in Japan?: Learning from JCQHC Hospital AccreditationHirose, Masahiro; Imanaka, Yuichi; Ishizaki, Tatsuro; Evans, EdwardHealth Policy, October 2003, Volume 66, Issue 1, Pages 29–49English
Policy makers and players2003Unwritten history of Japan Medical AssociationMizuno, HSoshisha, Japan 2003; 11-12English
Policy makers and players2005The iron triangle of Japan's health care: The Japan Medical Association is losing its grip on healthcare policyKondo, JamesBMJ, 8 Jan 2005, 330 (7482), 55-56English
Quality2007Risk of authoritarianism: fibrinogen-transmitted hepatitis C in JapanYasunaga, HideoThe Lancet, 15 December 2007, Vol. 370 No. 9604 pp 2063-2067English
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Crossnational comparisons2010Lessons From Public Long-Term Care Insurance In Germany And JapanCampbell, John Creighton; Ikegami, Naoki; Gibson, Mary JoHealth Affairs, January 2010, Vol 29, No 1, 87-95English
Crossnational comparisons2011Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Medicine: The United States, France, and JapanSessions, Samuel YJAMA, 1 June 2011, Vol 305, No 21, 2231-2232English
Overview2011Why is Japanese life expectancy so high?Murray, Christopher JLThe Lancet, 24 September 2011, Volume 378, No 9797, Pages 1124 - 1125English; available in Japanese
Resources for health2011Education for health professionals in Japan—time to changeBan, Nobutaro; Fetters, Michael DThe Lancet, 1 October 2011, Volume 378, No 9798, Pages 1206 - 1207English; available in Japanese
Overview2011What has made the population of Japan healthy?Ikeda, Nayu et al.The Lancet, 17 September 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9796, Pages 1094 - 1105English; available in Japanese
Financing2011Cost containment and quality of care in Japan: is there a trade-off?Hashimoto, Hideki et al.The Lancet, 24 September 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9797, Pages 1174 - 1182 English; available in Japanese
Insurance2011Population ageing and wellbeing: lessons from Japan's long-term care insurance policyTamiya, Nanako et al.The Lancet, 24 September 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9797, Pages 1183 - 1192English; available in Japanese
Sustanability2011Future of Japan's system of good health at low cost with equity: beyond universal coverageShibuya, Kenji et al. The Lancet,  1 October 2011, Volume 378, Issue 9798, Pages 1265 - 1273English; available in Japanese
Financing2012In Japan, All-Payer Rate Setting Under Tight Government Control Has Proved To Be An Effective Approach To Containing CostsIkegami, Naoki; Anderson, Gerard F.Health Affairs, May 2012, Vol 31, No 5, 1049-1056English
Mental health2012Suicide in JapanMotohashi, YutakaThe Lancet, 7 April 2012, Volume 379, Issue 9823, Pages 1282 - 1283 English; available in Japanese
Policy process20133.11: Disaster and Change in JapanSamuels, Richard JCornell University Press; 1 edition, 2 April 2013English
Overview2015The Future of Japan's Health System — Sustaining Good Health with Equity at Low CostReich, Michael R; Shibuya, KenjiN Engl J Med 2015; 373:1793-1797 November 5, 2015English
Resources for health2015Foreign Help Wanted: Easing Japan’s Labor ShortagesGanelli, Giovanni; Miake, NaokoInternational Monetary Fund, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, JEL Classification Numbers: J00; J20; J61English