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What is Japan Health Policy NOW?

Created in 2015 by Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI), Japan Health Policy NOW (JHPN) is the only centralized platform in the world on Japanese health policy available in both Japanese and English.

As global attention turns to Japan, one of the world’s fastest ageing countries, there is increasing interest in Japanese health policy and a growing need to share information on Japan’s health policy with the world.

JHPN is committed to addressing this need by delivering:
・Factual information about the Japanese health system
・Commentary on the recent health policy agenda
・Resources for those who want to learn more about Japanese health policy

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 The JHPN Team 

JHPN content is created at Health and Global Policy Institute by a team of people committed to sharing
factual and up-to-date information on Japanese health policy with the world.

Global Experience

JHPN project members have experience in multinational corporations and top-level academic institutions, including the Harvard School of Public Health, Columbia University Medical Center, Karolinska Institutet, and the University of Texas. JHPN provides Japanese health policy from a global perspective through communication with stakeholders on health policy all over the world. Additionally, JHPN continuously creates bilingual content and spreads information to the world.

Independent Expertise

The JHPN team has proven expertise in medicine, Japanese health policy, public health, and a variety of other areas of health care.
Since HGPI, the administrating body of JHPN, is working as non-profit, independent, and nonpartisan think tank, all the information and content on JHPN is created from an independent perspective.

Communication Know-how

JHPN team members regularly provide not only policy recommendations, but also innovative perspectives on health policy, through a variety of domestic and international media and governmental conferences.
We aim to solve global-scale health and medical issues by proposing health policy alternatives and continuously influencing society.

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Always Improving and Updating

The JHPN team is committed to bringing you the most up-to-date, factual, and objective information on Japanese health policy through the creation of new content and development of existing content.

As we strive to improve our work, your comments and questions are always welcome.

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