Privacy Policy

When handling personal information, the Institute shall comply with the Private Information Protection Law as well as with all relevant laws and regulations and shall securely and appropriately use, store, and process such information.
Compliance Rules for the Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, the Institute shall comply with the undermentioned guidelines:

  1. The Institute shall specify the purpose of its use to the fullest extent possible and shall collect only the information necessary for the attainment of the purpose.
  2. The Institute shall collect personal information through fair means and shall announce the purpose of its use prior to its collection, or notify the individual to whom the personal information relates, or announce the purpose of its use promptly after collection, unless otherwise allowed by relevant laws and regulations.
  3. The Institute shall use any personal information for the purposes undermentioned:
    • Distribution of the Institute’s publications and email newsletter, announcement of projects, and other relevant communications.
    • Invitations to and provision of information on projects, meetings, services, etc. hosted or co-hosted by the Institute.
    • Seasonal greetings and performance of other social customs.
  4. The Institute shall use personal information only within the scope of the purposes of use specified and shall not provide any personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the individual to whom the personal information relates, except in the following events:
    • Where and when it is requested by law.
    • Where and when services, etc. provided by the Institute are disclosed to a person responsible for the operations of directly delivering such services to its recipient, to the extent necessary for the performance of delivery operations.
  5. The Institute shall make efforts to maintain the personal information held by the Institute so that it is accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary for the attainment of the purpose of its use.
  6. The Institute shall implement rational security measures to prevent and correct illegal access to personal information; loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information; and risks related to personal information.
Implementation of Privacy Policy
  1. Implementation System
    • The implementation of this Privacy Policy shall be the responsibility of all officers and employees of the Institute; the executive director shall be appointed the main contact and shall promote detailed measures.
    • The Institute shall thoroughly supervise all directors and employees in complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other relevant laws and regulations
  2. Consignment to Third Parties   
    • The Institute shall not, in principle, consign to third parties the daily operations of personal information, including its management and use. However, in the event that it should consign the processing of personal information, it shall implement appropriate security measures including the signing of a nondisclosure contract and shall conduct appropriate supervision of the contractor.
  3. Disclosure and Update of Personal Information   
    • In the event that the Institute is requested to disclose, correct, and/or delete any personal information by the individual to whom it relates, it shall disclose, correct, and delete the personal information to a reasonable extent. However, in the event that the request does not meet the requirements stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or that disclosure is deniable under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other relevant laws or regulations, requests may not be fulfilled.
  4. Contact   
    • Inquiries regarding the management of personal information should be made to the Institute’s secretariat.
  5. Continual Improvement   
    • The Institute endeavors to maintain appropriate management and protection of personal information through review and improvement on an ongoing basis.
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