Dementia Policy in Japan

As a result of the advancement of the average life expectancy, the need to face the possible consequences driven by ageing has arisen. A representative example of this is dementia. An estimate of 46 million 86 thousand people living with dementia worldwide, and the number is expected to rise up to 74 million 70 thousand people by 2030. In addition, dementia for a younger age group is considered an issue as well as dementia for elderlies.

In the meantime, fundamental therapeutic agents for causal diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease are yet to be discovered. The development of a society that enable to effectively cope with Alzheimer’s disease is required as well as the development of new medicine. Therefore, measures against dementia is an urgent challenge to be dealt with on a global scale.

From the Enforcement of “Long-term Care Insurance Act” in 2000 to the “Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures” (New Orange Plan) in 2015

“Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures” for the purpose of the development towards a dementia-friendly community

Dementia Measures related activities by the Health and Global Policy Institution

In the recent years, HGPI has been paying a lot of attention to research and advocacy regarding dementia measures. In Japan, the most advanced ageing country, dementia is a crucial problem, and this is the same for other countries that is following the trend of Japan, to advance into an ageing population. We believe that in order to achieve a society that enables better living with dementia, it is crucial for the multi-stakeholders to collaborate in building a platform in each field to seek for solutions to the issues. We are progressing with the activities with the role as the axis of global corporation, and deepening the linkage with the people with dementia and their families.

Research and policy recommendations to propose the best possible way to establish International PPP model that promote dementia research in an effective and efficient manner (Funded by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) )

Collaboration with the World Dementia Council (WDC) and other organizations

Implementation of dementia related events, meetings, and the Diet Study Group

Movie "The Importance of Measures against Dementia"

Project Team

  • Mariko Oyamada (COO, HGPI)
  • Shunichiro Kurita (Senior Associate, HGPI)
  • Yoshiki Niimi (Research Associate, Department of Neurology, Fujita Health University)
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